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A New Yorker Faces His Phobia, One Stroke at a Time

With Intensive Swim Lessons, a Man Attacks His Fear of Water

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Two childhood experiences with water left Attis Clopton with a phobia that lasted for decades, until another major life event inspired him to face his fears.
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Video Credit By Leslye Davis on Publish Date August 29, 2014.

Image Credit Jake Naughton/The New York Times

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Benefits of Swimming:

Water takes impact out of exercise. Water reduces body weight by 90%. Water provides resistance in all directions. Plus the faster the movement the greater the workload. Whether recovering from an injury on a weight loss program or looking for a great workout. Water exercise offers the ability to gain strength and aerobic fitness and improve range of motion and flexibility.We teach swimming with correct form & techniques, for a smooth efficient exercise, a great work-out and to swim safely.

We believe in a gentle approach to teaching swim skills. We conduct private & semi-private swimming classes or small groups in an exclusive heated pool. We teach adults at all levels-children 4+ A trial class is suggested for placement.


One acquires discipline, coordination, balance and harmony while swimming.
Moving in the water is like sculpting and dancing as well as a meditation.
We believe that swimming and water aerobics are the "here and now" activities for fitness ,release of tension and overall health benefits. Swimming is an opportunity for personal freedom and self expression if done properly. Swimming will enhance your life and your spirit as well as you will discover a new sense of Freedom.
The Aquaskills method is an amalgam of techniques. We believe that teaching is knowledge based as well as intuitive. Students will learn techniques from professionals tailored to their specific level.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing excellent training in the world of swimming. We will always keep your safety in mind as you or your children enter into an aquatic environment. We are dedicated to teaching the sport of swimming with full body alignment, correct form and proficient breathing in a collaboration of all efforts for the perfect stroke. Our Goal is to transform people from land to water to reach their maximum  potential and experience a healthier happy lifestyle.