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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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Our Approach: Quality Instruction Responsible Teaching:

Our approach to teaching swimming skills was developed in a gentle way to help the beginner and those afraid of the water to overcome their fear of the water and become a competent swimmer.
Being able to swim and master the water is essential to the human spirit enabling the individual to gain a new sense of freedom. Not only does the individual gain a new sense of freedom, swimming gives you an improved physical sense of well-being and better life experience.
We are highly touted as being number one in “Overcoming Fear of Water” and beginner swim classes. We also offer stroke improvement classes and efficient fitness and exercise swimming.

Aquaskills Swim Lessons NYC:

At Aquaskills we set goals for every class. Our classes are customized for each student (private classes). Every package of classes includes learning how to swim, tread water, stroke improvement, technique and how to use swimming for endurance and fitness.



 Like any other class missing your intro without 72 hour notice to Aquaskills to reschedule will be a loss, to the student, or a charge back after you decide to join.Exceptions to 48 Hour and 24 Hour Notice Apply in case of Emergencies and we must have documentation.


Other Health clubs and gyms require hefty membership fees and dues. Swimming classes are extra.

Aquaskills requires no membership fees or dues.


Other health clubs, gyms and swim schools registration fees are in the hundreds of dollars. Other gyms, health clubs and swim schools classes are only 30-45 minutes long. 
THE FIRST CLASS WE CALL INTRO BEFORE YOU BUY IN BULK   Other gyms, health clubs and swim schools require up-front payment ahead of classes and are mainly groups. The registration fee is just exactly that nothing more.


Aquaskills Needs 72 hour notice for cancellations. In the event of an emergency 48-24 hour Notice not for the student to be charged in full for the session.For Medical and Hospital reasons we need a copy of the Admittance  slip.For Women, please project ahead the days you may not be able to attend due to personal reasons.

Last Minute cancellations will not be forgiven but we have a make up fee if you are within your time frame, please be responsible when you sign up for Aquaskills LLC and email us any changes to schedule, with the proper notice mentioned. Subways can be checked online with MTA for full disclosure of which trains are not running, so you can get on the correct train on weekends.

For Children. if they wake up not feeling well, we will charge you in full for the session. Please check on your child's health  the day before.Last Minute Cancellations will not be forgiven.

Very zpersonal classes no concern for correct form can lead to poor habits and bad exercise as opposed to alignment resulting in the best overall exercise.With the ability to stretch in the water this is the perfect complimentary sport for runners,bikers,and strength training enthusiasts.

Aquaskills' swim instructors will go in the water with you and teach by demonstrating. Our instructors will also  hold your hand through your learning experience .Aquaskills instructors are in the water with you demonstrating techniques and giving that extra sense of safety and security. Other gyms, health clubs and swim schools mainly teach their classes from the deck. 
Aquaskills teaches with demonstration. We  have more freedom and space to develop the students techniques.  
Aquaskills instructors are mature dedicated to aquatics and Red Cross Certified.We emphasize learning every aspect and learning overall coordination while breathing correctly. Aquaskills uses techniques derived from a former  Olympic Swim Team member, an All City Swimmer from Los Angeles,the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and the American Red Cross. All of our instructors have many years of practical swimming and teaching experience in the profession
 Aquaskills gives customized classes to our students’ needs and situation.  
Aquaskills teaches proper form and breathing techniques and how to have fun with these new skills. Other gyms, health clubs and swim schools offer generic classes ignoring individual needs. 
We do have a primary location that is extremely subway accessible which makes it very easy to take our classes. We are even close to the path train.  Other swim schools are not always in the same location, requiring students to travel to out of the way locations for the next class on their schedule. 
    Aquaskills will retrain their staff to work the Aquaskills method and provide excellence. We look for teachers that have skills,empathy,intuition and clear demonstration skills.
Aquaskills schedules classes are fixed and are during a span of time depending upon enrollment.  Other schools will require a credit card and keep signing you up without your permission unless you cancel
Aquaskills covers all aspects of swimming and coordinates the skills. We have a comprehensive approach.
Aquaskills Has been positively covered by numerous news organizations for our teaching excellence.