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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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Swimming Instruction/ Classes Offered- Aquaskills Established 2003

Contact Info: 212 206 6976 Or Lori,Director 646 724 7024

Faq’s Below

Adult Classes Offered



Specific Strokes & Techniques

Freestyle, Breaststroke, Back Strokes, Side Strokes

Client Wants To Perfect Stroke, Breathing Technique

Over-Coming Fear Of Water Aquaskills Has The Leading Reputation In This Kind Of Training

Instructor Works With Client To Understand Properties Of Water, How To Swim Basics

Private Or Semi Private

Beginner Swimmer & Non-Swimmer

Basics, Breathing, Resistance, Buoyancy Floating, Treading, Freestyle Backstrokes, Breaststroke

Class Will Be Matched With Skill Level-Help Build Class. Ask Friends & Family

Intermediate, Advanced swimmer,

Refining Strokes & Techniques, Breathing, Improve Efficiency

Improve Form, Learn Correct Technique, Has Understanding Of Strokes

Triathlon training

Freestyle, Breaststroke Build Time

Swimming Aspect Of Triathlon Training

Competitive Swimmer

Breaststroke,Sidestroke, Treading,Breathing Techniques,Build Time

Team Swimmer,

Swimming Pain Management & Exercise

Water Exercises,Specific Strokes To Avoid Injury

Person With Arthritis,Post Physical Therapy,Needs Low Impact Exercise,Runners Knees


Adult Classes Offered



Children Classes

4+ Water Orientation Breathing,Intro To Swimming Water Safety

4+Guided Discovery Water Orientation, Breathing,Intro,Safety

4 Private 1/2 Hour- 5+ Learn To Swim Level 1- Stroke


5+ Semi Private Small Groups

Home Visits

Packages-Schedule To Be Defined

Customized Intro Class


Nominal Extra Charge For Home Visits Package Tbd




Mon - Fri

6 Am-12 Noon

Early Bird

Classes Are 1 Hour Long

It Is Your Responsibility To Be On Time


Any Kind Of Class

Sat - Sun

6 Am-12 Noon


Back To Back Be Early Check MTA For Weekend Schedules

Groups Weekends

Privates- Anytime Semi-Private

Small Class 3 -4 + Ppl

Hours Children

Family Welcome To Join-Parents + Child Children 4-5 Private-

Children 6-7+ Private And Semi Or Small Class Of 3 Family Discounts By Quote

Winter Hours Vary From July August-please ask all classes are 6AM-12 Noon on the hours sometimes up to 2 PM weekdays after July 4th, ask please






Please Read below Info for Reservations Faq’s



Reservations + Intro

Privates-Intro Offered Instructor Is In The Water With You And Demonstrates

You Can Design Your Schedule Intro Considered A Class When


Non-Refundable Deposit Required Paid For Intro On Private $98:Bring A Blank Check Fill Out Application Decide After-Class Payable To Lori Pailet/Quick Pay Paypal are used at the pool.


Program Duration Varies Decide After Class

1st Class Is A Class

Non Refundable-Deposit Required- Not Deductible Flexible On Intro.

Intro Class:
Intro Class Pre-Registration | 98 USD

Check Payable For Balance To Aquaskills

Small Groups (To Be Called In)

Program Duration Varies Decide After Class

Non-Refundable Deposit


Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

bring Check Payable To Aquaskills

Faq’s Features

  1. All Sessions Are One Hour Long
  2. Flexible Schedule…You Can Schedule 1-2-3-Classes per Week Or Everyday
  3. Intro Sessions Offered Before You Commit To the Program
  4. Features: Glorious Private Spas…Club
  5. Heated Pool In Fall/Winter Months Can Be Used Complete Showers Locker Rooms Blow Dryers
  6. Spa Can Be Used Independently For the Entire Day Speak To the Front Desk about Day Rates And Bulk Package Entrance Fees
  7. Membership To Spa 88 Not Required But You Are Welcome To Join!
  8. Limited Space Registering For Spring/Summer Winter/Fall Register first week or last of a month to insure a fast turn around

What You Need To Bring

  1. We sell new Caps/Goggles Or New For Purchase (we have loaners)
  2. Please Bring A Towel/Flip Flops
  3. We Have Lockers/Make Sure You Know Where The Pool Is Before You Go To Locker Room
  4. Text Only 646 724 7024 Upon Arrival

(Intro) Session Fees:Intro Session Visits Learning Objectives and Allows Aquaskills

to Evaluate your goals and determine a package size

 Semi Private Per Person $98 Per Person (Small Group)

 Private Per Person $98

 Home Visit Intro Session $160.00-up to 200.00 package prices to be custom quote

Ask about Family Discounts and Current Promotions

What If You Choose Not To Join?

Nothing!!After the Intro Class is over you are not obligated to join.

Call Us If You Need Special Quotes

  1. Kids Discounts & Family Discounts (By Quote)
  2. Crash Courses
  3. Home Visits
  4. Groups Of 5 +
  5. Re-Up For More Classes? - No Registration Fee per Calendar Year-So Subtract
  6. Bonus Classes Offered On an Individual Basis

How Do I Pay?

  1. Bring A Blank Check Endorsed To Aquaskills (Leave Open So We Can Decide Your Suitable Package), Cash, Paypal or Quick Pay Zelle
  2. We Do Not Have A Not Pay Per Class Structure After the First Session There Is An Application That Serves As A Receipt And Contract
  3. We Will Decide And Evaluate After The First Session What You Want To Do For Your Action Plan ..............

Faq’s Our Benefits

A.Shopping For Price?We Can Discuss Incentives By Quote- Do Not forget you are looking at an hour with the opportunity to practice and have a flexible schedule-unlike other places

B.We Discovered Our Classes Are Longer.

C.We Allow For Practice After Class Space Permitting/Duration Limits- No Extra Charge

D.We Have No Forced Membership To Join A Club

E.We Do Not Request Credit Card For Continuous Charges-

F.Our Classes Smaller In Student To Teacher Ratio Than Other Swim School

G.We Have More Staff To Attend To Semi Private Classes So No one Will Be Left Out

H.We Offer “Design Your Own Schedule” Option

I.Our Registration Fee Is 50% Less Than Other Schools. 

J.Our Instructors Go In The Water With You Unlike Other Schools

L.Our Pool Is Spacious And Roomy And Heated In The Fall & Winter 89 degrees and perfect in the Spring Summer

M.There Is No Complete Upfront Payment Until After The First Class this gives you a scope of what you will be paying for, the quality and duration

Where Is The Pool Located?

New York City Location Our Flagship is 88 Fulton Street New York,Ny 10038 Between William And Gold

By Appointment Only