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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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When it comes to swimming classes the person seeking to compare swim classes may not know what they are shopping for.
For instance if you do not know how to swim, how would you know the difference and be able to shop for swim classes with out some help.
Let Aquaskills explain to you why we are cost effective, as opposed to thinking we are expensive.
When you come to a "PRIVATE" swim class with Aquaskills you will be give an "ENTIRE" dedicated hour to you and you alone with one of our highly experienced teachers. We do not put you in a large class with other people so you really will not learn. We do conduct semi-private classes with a very low student to teacher ratio that are also effective.
A  key question when comparing is "How many people will be in the class, as well as how long is each class?"and do not forget to ask "Do I need to buy a membership?"
Our classes are longer than other swim school and we also offer free practice after class "space permitting"  without practice it would be next to
impossible physiologically to learn anything athletic in a half hour even if you do take 10 sessions.
 So Back to Aquaskills being Expensive? I DO NOT THINK SO. Our 10 one hour long sessions  
This is how you learn any new skill. The muscle memory is a scientific term and it means that the movements must be absorbed in one's brain to the subconscious level so that your movements are memorized. When a student repeats his/her session's learning objectives for that specific class, the movements become a reflex action that no longer requires conscious thinking.
After your swim course is completed and you are on your way as a new swimmer, still always be aware of your safety when swimming in new places. Ocean swimming is completely different and please speak to a lifeguard on duty to find out about the ocean's under tow or currents for that day or the next few hows. When going lake swimming/ beware of rocks and speak to someone that has been in that lake before.
One more thing. BEWARE of positive reviews on YELP . The Yelp reviews can be done by company owners friends or small fan base. I would proceed with caution when I read " WOW , I CAN not believe that I learned SO much in 1/2 HOUR! I am a swimmer NOW! THE classes were in expensive etc. So if the school is under cutting our prices...let me tell you, he may evaporate, and not know his numbers to stay in business or his/her threshold. At any rate we are the best. This articles is for adults..children under the age of 5 are excellent in our 1.2 hour classes.
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