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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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Register today a $98 Registration fee Gets you 1 Intro Class before you decide your package.(Are you confused?) You may ask yourself "What is "THIS" Intro Class about ? I see FREE INTRO's Everywhere??? Well, Aquaskills has bundled their registration fee into an actual first session, for you to have a hands on experience with us before you decide to join.You will need to pre-pay this using the link is on our site $98, or go to our Pre-Register link in the upper right hand corner of the home page for our price list to be emailed to you. We have pre set links to pay pal, you can pay as a guest, to reserve your first Introduction session with us. You are asked to be prepared with a blank check, ATM card for cash, we do not accept credit cards, if you want to move forward we really would need to enter your classes into our calendar from that point on. Aquaskills courses are comprehensive but quite varied.

The "Introduction Class " is a slight bit shorter than 1 hour. The actual session in the water is aprox 30-45 minutes. During this first time class which we call our Intro Session, it is actually a hands on experience in the water with an instructor showing you the basics preliminaries of swimming. This class is customized to your level, the intro class gives you ,the student a chance to experience us as a Swim School before you commit to our programs and sign up for a package which is actually a course load.

with Aquaskills we will give you an overview of what all the various skills are to learn to swim from testing your buoyancy to kick and breathing techniques, body flexibility, coordination skills etc. after this we discuss with you what we can offer you and we suggest the best direction to take. After that you would pay, sign our paperwork, and start the process to learn to swim. It is a process.... so relax and enjoy the ride, or... should we say "glide?"

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