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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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Although it is commonly thought that everyone can swim, 64% of the adult popultion alone CAN NOT swim and has fear of water in one way or the other and this is in the UNITED STATES ALONE! This statistic does not include the rest of the world. Aquaskills has been reckognized as a place for adults and children to take their first steps to overcoming fear of water,. If you register $98 here is what to expect at your first class...


Lesson Plans for beginners

Fear of Water

After the introductions are made, Goggles and bathing caps purchased, if necessary, the lesson should begin with what is going to happen when the client enters the water. The deck should be used to explain the entire lesson before you enter the water (no more than 5-10 minutes, depending on the clients’ needs). Everything discussed should be demonstrated in the water as well.

Lesson one

     A. Establish your non verbal cues/ demonstrate

  1. The importance of straight hands.
  2. Gravity and buoyancy./Instructor discusses the body.
  3. Safety rules of the facility.
  4. Thermal warm-up.
  5. Pushing,  pulling and slicing of the water.
  6. Breathing techniques. In through the mouth/out through the nose
  7. Bobbing and breathing/holding breath/counting exhaling
  8. Walking and Breathing/ with a 2 step 3 exhale count
  9. How the arms and legs are utilized. 
  10. Mid-line.
  11. Frontal plane and supine (front and back).
  12. Recovery techniques.
  13. Short and long term goals.  
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