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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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bird I personally love before NOON....Why Early Bird Swim Classes are so super healthy before you go to work. For one after a nights sleep the body's muscles are relaxed...working the muscles first thing in the morning are equal  to 3-5 X the workload as working out in the evening. So there a bigger bang for the effort,a more effective work-out. Your mental acuity will be boosted up so you will have a better work performance throughout the day.

We teach people at all levels with different goals. All classes are one hour long. After you Learn your new skills you will have  a method to call upon instead of loosing control and panicking. Instructors must be fun, upbeat, and bring humor, and confidence to the situation and speak clearly and be optimistic.
Instructor must be careful to scale back and take baby steps.

So After technique/ we work on building endurance

A students want to learn how to control the water/balance/ and breathing right away to disprove the idea of being consumed by the water.
Reflex Actions/ Stand up from the front/sit up from a back float
We explain the water's Resistance - Show the purpose of resistance  and explain propulsion...Newton's Law of "For Every action there is a reaction".

The idea is to create Propulsion to push the core of the body  forward by the proper resistance created with correct pulls of hands and arms.

Soft relaxed joints  Our instructors teach by demonstration and Show example of arms/ legs/knees- No locking of joints- Show examples of locked joints and unlocked joints-No stiff legs or arms
the Arm as a paddle from elbow to tip of middle finger with no breaking of the plain at the wrist.
Relax shoulders. Explain Depressed shoulders show the difference/ show how to relax the shoulders-
Work on a prone float face down and streamlining and total  alignment holding the breath-as you enter into a prone glide.
Slicing the water with feel and stiff ankles/ vs relaxed ankles/ show this-lead to a sinking set of circumstances

using the bottom of the foot “ The plantar” to push downward in the water
using the top of the foot the dorsal to kick the water upward to the surface and kick from the hip. Not to break the skin of the water on each alternate kick-but to boil the water with the heal breajking the surface of the water.
Show this.

This Give an example of right/ wrong
explain why..get into the physics and bio mechanics of swimming create
propulsion, the objective of the movements why and purpose
how this leads into swimming

Breathing in Water- This Must be done at the top of the class within the first half hour

Learn more at Pre-Register or Submit your information the price list will be mailed to you,it is not posted online.

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