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Our Pool is 15 feet wide 60 Feet long- which is pefect to learn in.heated pool ...with an ...average temperature 88 degrees year 'round open enrollment..customized courses. No Membership Required. Day Rates for Unlimited Practiced Offered

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Water’s density supports the body for people with MS.(Mutiple Sclerosis) and it is a great form of exercise that keeps you cool as your body heat increases from working out.The benefits of swimming and water  exercise with MS are factually proven from a physical perspective to a psychological mood elevating experience.  Get ready to embrace swimming as a routine activity and work with a professional instructor. Before foraging ahead, check with your doctor. Make sure your instructors are knowledgeable, mature,and make sure a lifeguard is present. All of the instructors at Aquaskills are also certified lifeguards as well as mature dedicated full time instructors and are experienced working with people that have MS. We enjoy sharing to opportunity to increase your mobility.Remember always: Multiple Sclerosis is unpredictable so please continue to keep your instructor with you after you learn to love to swim. 

Temperature:” The ideal temperature for swimming with MS is 81 to 83 degrees, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This allows the MS swimmer to get a workout without overheating or chilling, which may cause a flare-up of MS symptoms.”

Weightless properties: The buoyancy of water is less jarring on the joints and muscles. Multiple sclerosis symptoms, such as leg pain, spasms and even paralysis are not as limiting due to water's floating nature. The weightlessness one experiences makes stretching muscles easier. Swimming allows you movement and a workout that you may not otherwise be able to do.I have watched people increase their voluntary control over their muscle groups from a series of work-out reps in the water.

Heart healthy: While the water is less taxing on the joints and muscles, you can get a cardiovascular workout while the heart is pumping to keep your limbs moving.Combined with proper breathing the aerobic aspect of swimming maximizes your circulatory system. If you haven't been in the water for awhile, start slowly--wading around--then build up to a swim technique, like the crawl or breast stroke. Do not overlook the elementary back stroke.

Aquaskills offers wellness-through-swimming aquatics classes offered at their location in New York City, where the class mixes water aerobics with stroke development and lap swimming. Aquaskills is very detail oriented so we do make sure you learn to breath correctly to get maximum circulation throughout the muscle groups.The class fitness levels vary from beginner to advanced and limited mobility. They offer water fitness activities, such as shallow-water aerobics and water wellness that work on range of motion, balance and flexibility.

Psycho-social benefits: Limited mobility does not have to mean limited sociability. We have seen clients increase their voluntary abilities after a good work-out.It can be too easy to become isolated from previous social activities to the detriment of psychological well-being. Exercise, like swimming, can lift your mood and get those endorphins flowing.. Joining an aquatics class where you can meet other swimmers is fun and enjoyable.Always work with the safety of an instructor. Aquaskills will help you maintain your health and make it work for you if you would like to integrate this activity into your lifestyle we will work out packages for keep you moving. Go to and fill out our PRE-REGISTER button we will send you the “skinny” do not hesitate to call 212 206 6976 for a live representative. We are conducting swimming lessons in New York City. Swim NYC, learn to swim, water exercise.

Lori Pailet, Director

Aquaskills LLC

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